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..No. 2 Murmurs & Babbles (Landscape) mixed media on 400 gr Fabriano paper 2015


2015 – 2016  Project Murmurs & Babbles  | A follow up

In this new Project I want to get into the subject of modern or contemporary art, what are the elements that make art contemporary art?
And what does this mean?
A recurring designation in the History of Art, and what is its value?
Has the term modern or contemporary become a meaning in itself?

Reference to this subject: Rem Koolhaas (Architect) on modernism.

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2015 . 2016

Murmurs & Babbles (Landscapes)
What are the elements that make art contemporary art?

2015. 2016
Project Zapp Notes
Zapp Notes refer to this place and time we live in.

Photo Project Things In Itself
The context is undone the image gets a meaning in itself.

2012 . 2014
# Project Every Day A Drawing
Related to the Renaissance period
# Selection drawings and paintings from this Project

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# Reviews Kunstkrant.nl . Text and photo's: Riedstra
Expeditie Land Art | Landschapskunst in Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort

t/m 3 januari 2016 . Eemplein 77 3812 EA Amersfoort

# Video Expeditie Land Art