Explanatory text on Project
Every Day A Drawing 2012 – 2014

> Riedstra’s themes in her Art Projects are always about estrangements and the influence of  human behavior on society.

(©)Riedstra, the Netherlands, 2013

> Art reflects its time, a primary source of information.

Project Every Day A Drawing is an ongoing proces and consists now of  94 drawings and works on paper, based on the Renaissance period. The project refers to a historical concept and the contemporary world we live in. Somehow it reflects an atmosphere of apocalypse and hope. Whether religious, sexual or political, it is part of the timeframe then and the timeframe now.

With these works I want to connect Renaissance art with Contemporary art.

Riedstra has studied applied arts in Tel Aviv and The Hague, as well as M.A. Scenography at St Martins London, and completed her masters in Seville, Spain. She lives in the Netherlands.

> About the idea that started these projects. Background information:

The Renaissance period was a turbulent century full of major changes that shook their time. Depletion of the power of the Catholic Church, a time of wars all over Europe, sexual repression was quite common. At the same time there were these dynamic developments. International trade was booming (globalization you might say), the development of humanism and science started, laying the base for our knowledge today.

Art started to remove itself from the influence of the Catholic church. (The authority responsible for commissioning assignments to painters, sculptors etc.) In short, chaotic turbulent times.

Many cases are similar to the confusing time we live in. Again major changes redefine the world, both religious as well as in the area of ​​globalization. The issue of sexual repression and its debates, and last but not least climate change. Simultaneously with dynamic developments in science and technology.