Riedstra on the Web

# Blog - Silver Maple Ballroom - 2016 - present

This blog represents different artworks (works on paper) and text. Based on contemporary society and the way technology and ignorance influences and takes hold of people.

# Blog - Everyday a Drawing - 2012.2015

Project Every day A Drawing, 85 Works on Paper. Based on works from Renaissance period, referring to a historical concept and the contemporary world we live in.

# kunstkrant.nl: Art critic

On a regular base I write reviews on exhibitions that show any kind of art form, art that makes you think and look again and again.

# Saatchi Art

International platform - presents Riedstra

# Videos (Vimeo)

Set up of my own video channel Riedstra visual artist. Photo videos from projects I am currently working or worked on. Giving you a great visual and textual insight in what I do, in what motivates me to make the works that I make, giving it all I have, time and again.

# Videos (Youtube)

Using these two important social media channels (Vimeo and Youtube) gives me the opportunity to share my works with anybody anywhere. To visual communicate at large with others, so interesting !