Contemporary artist - works at mixed media.

Drawing & Works on Paper projects |
Photographs & Video projects

Point of departure: Estrangement in a large context, related to the world of today.

Art critic at kunstkrant.nl


M. A. Scenography | Martins College London England | HKU Utrecht Netherlands
Instituto El Teatro Sevilla Spain | artist in residence | Theatrical project 'Sacred & Profane'

KABK The Hague

Avni Institute of Art Tel-Aviv Israel\

About Riedstra: a working process

Artist statement
As an artist I am triggered by the phenomenon ‘Power’
How does this phenomenon occur and what are its foreseen and unforeseen consequences?
Implicating social and economical changes, were mostly the people are target, in being manipulated and misguided by social media the internet, were data are the important tool.

In my projects I respond to these consequences.
Doing a lot of research: After artists and their role in history, I draw lines from there to contemporary art.

By transforming and enlarging all kind of materials, including from my own work, searching for an unexpected and unusual context, with the suggestion underlying the surface, I find that I reach the audience.
By constantly reaching and renewing within myself I try to continue that line.

As a photographer I use this very same talent, the eye of the camera becoming my drawing tool so to speak.
Pphotographs were chosen for a major exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.

Works on Paper are in the collection of the City Museum in Tetovo, Macedonia,  and Budapest, Hungaria.
Drawings from the Renaissance project were bought by private collectors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, USA.
Paintings are in private collections.

Art touches very essential emotions, a way of judging ourselves. Art is an absolute necessity in the chaotic world of today. (Quote: Ai WeiWei)