Theatrical Performances - Installations

2001 . 2002

> Installation 'Mit Rosen Gedacht
1 meter x 80 cm x 2.20 meter, Former Firestation Utrecht, Netherlands

1997 . 1999

Utrecht HKU | St 'Martins London
Installation Blue Closet
Performance Herr Nebad Nezar
> Lucid Game on Attraction & Rejection dualism by two performers

Sevilla 'Mass for Five Gentlemen' Performance in 16th century monastry

Utrecht HKU Installation ‘The Image’ After a short play by Samuel Beckett
(Imagened by an empty painting in a large wooden frame)

> Grants

St’ Martins central London England
MA prgram HKU Utrecht
Stroom Art . Architecture Centre The Hague, Netherlands
MaMa Cash Amsterdam Netherlands
Vrije Academy The Hague Netherlands
Mecenas Grafisch Bureau Jan van Waarden