Review on 'Walls of Lisbon'
Painting Project
2007 - 2009

Riedstra’s drive is defined by a continuous quest for the core of her inspiration.

In her series ‘Walls of Lisbon’, Riedstra has produced an exact expression of emotions. She has chosen the authentic elements of the city as a part of daily life and the contradictions that lie within.
In the grand lies the detail and the detail incorporates the grand.

Again and again, Riedstra takes her audience along on a confrontational journey beyond authentic elements, which through their individual importance start to lead a life of their own on the canvas.

In doing so, she avoids any compromise, which results in an intense directness for the viewer.
That way Riedstra undoubtedly paints from a renewed contemporary perspective.
Thus, her work maintains tension and originality and yet radiates tranquillity.

Gallerist: Ludwig Trossaert Antwerpen 2009

Project 'Challenging Nature'
2011 - 2012

Riedstra works at a contemporary level and builds on the fundamentality of truth instead of a clouded reality. She mediates between object and subject through paintbrush and canvas, by reflecting the mirror back at the viewer without proclaiming.

Working mostly in series, the artist wants to give the paintings, through these series, space to develop. This to her is essential, her way of growing as an artist.Regarding her latest project: Challenging Nature - A series of paintings A personal interpretation of how Nature can be challenged as a reaction to the thoughtlessness behavior of society.

About the project: How does human kind approach nature? Does the economic benefit prevail; is nature just an obstacle that interferes at planning and implementation of bio industry and urban scenario’s or does one see the ecological system as a basis for life?

These models of disharmonic confrontation or harmony are of particular concern to the artist. In a series of paintings. The artist transforms this point of view into a disturbing new reality.

Visual artist: Urs Pfannenmuller 2011