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No. 1 Murmurs & Babbles (Landscape) mixed media on 400gr fabriano paper 110x130 cm 2015

Murmurs & Babbles (Landscapes)

In this new Project I want to get into the subject of modern or contemporary art, what are the elements that make art contemporary art? And what does this mean?
A recurring designation in the History of Art, and what is its value? Van Gogh was known as modern or in our terms contemporary because he broke with traditions, but today any artist anywhere brakes or tries to, with traditions.
Has modern or contemporary become a meaning in itself?

Reference to this subject: Rem Koolhaas (Architect) on modernism.

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# Project Tink Tank ( facing a future ) 2016
Inner expressions behind the faces of ordinary peoples Video
(works on paper)

# Photo Video Project Debris ( Still Lifes )
The context is undone the image gets a meaning in itself

2015 . 2016
# Murmurs & Babbles ( Landscapes )
What are the elements that make art contemporary art?

# Project Zapp Notes
Zapp Notes refer to this place and time we live in.

# Project Nameless Peoples Video
Refugees as part of anonymous numerous groups
(works on paper)

2012 . 2014
# Project Every Day A Drawing
This project is related to the Renaissance period
# Selection drawings and paintings

Former Art Projects
Challinging Nature
# Such A pretty Thing
# Barbs

# AAF International ArtFair Amsterdam | 26 - 30 october 2016
Riedstra represented by Gallery Gaudi, Madrid (booth E4)

Kromhouthal Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231 Amsterdam-Noord

Reviews Riedstra | Kunstkrant.nl
Text, video and photo's: Riedstra
# Exhibition David Claerbout 'Future' Museum De Pont
Wilhelminapark 1 Tilburg



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